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Shoes for diabetic patients are made from soft materials and include protective inserts that make allowances for neuropathy, or numb feet, afflictions from poor circulation and potentially-painful dangers such as bunions and hammertoes. The main function of these shoes is to cut down on the friction and pressure that can lead to foot sores and, even worse, infection, gangrene and amputation. read more In the unlikely event that your YogaToes® break from normal use, contact us by phone or e-mail. We will replace your YogaToes® at no cost to you. Please keep your original order form for reference! Surgery generally takes less than an hour, and the patient on average is discharged an hour after surgery. The patient is fitted with a special bunion shoe. Most people require narcotic painkillers for the first 48 to 72 hours after surgery. Then they can decrease the amount of pain medication until any pain can be controlled with medications like Advil. The patient is seen again after five or six weeks, and X-rays are repeated. If the bone shows signs of healing, the patient can start wearing loose-fitting, stiff-soled shoes and can begin to increase weight-bearing activities.bunion pain after running You don’t have to compromise comfort OR style with your shoes – Fitzwell footwear offers both! Fitzwell shoes have been laboratory tested to withstand up to 1000 pounds of pressure. This footwear has been designed to ensure durability. If you’re concerned about shock absorbency, then you can trust that this brand will offer you the shoes you need. Every pair includes a gel insert that protec read more Gems are the "lite" version of YogaToes ® They are slightly easier to put on because the top rail is absent. If you have severe foot problems or have trouble reaching your feet, our Gems might be the right option for you. A bunion is a complex foot deformity involving both bone and soft tissue (ligaments, tendons). Usually inherited from one's parents or grandparents, bunions have several underlying causes. The most common cause is flat feet. Over time, muscular changes needed to adapt to walking with flat feet will contract the great toe towards the second toe, and make prominent the 1st metatarsal head ( the bone one sees sticking out ) This can create pain in the bunion when it is rubbed against tight shoes. Joint pain in the great toe can develop over time due to its abnormal position and eventual onset of arthritis. bunion pain relief home remedies However, there are several preventive measures that one needs to remember in order to avoid this condition. Firstly, wearing right and comfortable shoes is very important. Flat feet treatment includes wearing shoes that are suited for this feet type. Women should remember not to wear high heels for a longer duration regularly. Secondly, one should reduce the excess weight and try to maintain suitable weight to prevent exerting excess pressure on feet. Lastly, sports person and dancers should be very careful while performing, and try to look for different methods that can protect their feet from injuries and such conditions.