Do High Arches Cause Pain?

However, some people "under pronate" and some people "over pronate". Both of these can lead to injuries that can be prevented if you get a shoe that helps control your pronation. One way to see the degree of pronation is to check to arch of your foot. Because the arch determines how your foot will function, a high-arched foot will most commonly result in a supinator, or "under pronator". If you have a flat foot, you will most likely be a overpronator. It is estimated that fifty percent of runners have normal arches, while twenty-five percent have high arches and the other twenty-five have low arches. Unlike in a flatfoot the medial column of a high arch foot is not loose and floppy. Instead it is quite rigid and often pointed downward (plantar flexed). This part of the foot acts “like a kickstand” to tip the heel in an inward (varus) position. This causes the base of the great toe to take a great deal of force, which can be the cause of a number of problems including sesamoiditis and sesamoid stress fractures High Arch Foot Symptoms Hello everyone. I'm hoping for some help as I don't really feel like dealing with doctors over something in the Orlando, FL area unless things get really bad. A shoe with a high vamp may help steady the foot when wearing high heels and make the shoe more comfortable. A wide ankle strap is an option for added support. Also, a high vamp might be the style of shoe for you if you are prone to blisters and friction. The high vamp will keep your foot more securely in the shoe and limit movement when you walk. Ancient Chinese poets described the perfect woman as the shape of a crescent moon. The part of the body that people thought of when they began to make this subject. A regular stretching routine can be the best thing to alleviate pain and keep your body running as well as expected. Dr. Flores has developed his own stretching routine that can address a number of potential problems. For runners with high arches, the focus may be on stretching out the legs and feet to keep the whole system operating at its best. Massage is another way to counter some of the stress that builds up from a rigorous exercise regime. Learn how to give a better foot massage by working the top of the foot with expert sensual foot massage tips in this free online massage therapy video clip. Having a high arch often causes the foot to roll inward with each step (pronation). If you have high arches, check the wear on your shoes. You may notice that the tread on the outside of the shoe is more worn. A cross trainer type of shoe is a great choice for this foot type. This shoe is designed for someone engaged in all types of activities from chasing your kids, to running errands, taking a hike, playing tennis or participating in an aerobics class. They provide extra stability, padding for arches and ankle support. The most difficult aspect, especially if you are going to do it alone, is to put on the roof. The work is best undertaken through the help of a stepladder, from inside. It is simply a matter of connecting the plastic boards and getting them screwed in. Getting someone to help can make it a lot easier, and it becomes like a giant jigsaw puzzle. When you read through the testimonials, you will find that not everyone had the same opinion, so you will have to read them carefully to know if this is the right shed.